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SMELT Europe provides professional communication equipment and a range of related products and services for the petrochemical industry, events, security, and emergency response organisations.

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+31 88 60 666 00

European Supplier

Local partnerships.

Personalised Advice

Independent, professional, and reliable.

Professional Service Organisation

Support, maintenance and repair.

Our Assortment

  • Portable radios Portable Radios
  • Mobile radios Mobile radios
  • Networks Networks
  • Applications Applications
  • Paging Paging
  • ATEX portable radios ATEX
  • megaphones Megaphones
  • Flashlights Flashlights
  • Tourguide Systems Tourguide Systems
  • Portable Transmitters Portable Transmitters
  • Metaldetectors Metaldetectors
  • Security Tools Security Tools